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Ramjas Political Review is the biannual peer-reviewed academic research journal run by the undergraduate students of the Department of Political Science, Ramjas College, University of Delhi.

We accept entries pertaining to political science from people across all domains and institutions.

We have a small but efficient team of less than ten members, who are handpicked from the Department of Political Science, where all the pieces we receive go through three rounds of editing, which includes elaborate collaborations with the author(s) as well. The rejected pieces are given well-framed reasons for the same. Our acceptance rate for the works published between October'23 and February'24 was 53.33 per cent. We promote academic freedom through the rigour shown in the arguments presented in the pieces. More details concerning our process have been elaborated in the "submission" page of our website.

Our work primarily lies in taking the idea and importance of academic writing forward in the university spaces as well as promoting it to the general reading audience. With the Ramjas Political Review Global Village, we have initiated the idea for academic discussions, which form an integral part of consumption in academia today. Our interview with Mr Shivshankar Menon, the Former Foreign Secretary and National Security Advisor to India was well received and could be watched over YouTube. Apart from this, we also interviewed Dr Amitabh Mattoo, Dean of the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University on the occasion of the release of Volume 1, Number 2 of our journal.

As we move to Volume 2, Number 1, we find it necessary to reiterate our core idea, which is to make undergraduate students and people across all domains irrespective of their qualifications familiar with the idea of academic rigour and research, while making our works accessible to everyone.
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